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The Roblox Group Royal Empire Of The Lemons [R.E.O.T.L] is a war group with the only join conditions being that if we are at war with an enemy group, you can't join if you are in the enemy group until the war is over. If you do join then you will be set to the jail rank.The group is not very active due to it's small number of members, but we will soon be active once we get lots more members (50+).

War Status Guide Edit








NBY=No Battles Yet

BIP=Battle In Progress

(PW)=Practice War To Test Our And Our Allies' Skills In War


NB=No Battles

War Status Edit

The Lime Duck Empire - V

The Melon Empire-NB (C)

The Melon Empire-V (The Melon Empire has surrendered all their territory and assets to us)

Previous Flags/Logos/Icons Edit


The Group's First Icon, lasting until 3/25/2016

First Icon Edit

This Icon was an image pulled from a Google Images search for "HD Lemon" (3rd to the left, down one).

MS Paint was then used to write "R.E.O.T.L" on the icon.

Second Icon (Current) Edit

Our second icon (and our flag) can be seen at the top of the page. It was made on MS paint using simple shapes. It is extremely simple, yet quite elegant. Unlike the previous flag, it was made by someone in the group (King Lemon) and therefore belongs to the group.

Clothing Edit

Uniform Shirts Edit

Parade Uniform Shirts Edit

The Royal Empire Of The Lemons has 10 different parade uniform shirts. They all correspond to their ranks. These are:

Lemon Swordsman Uniform

Lemon Naval Uniform

Lemon Jail/Trial Uniform

Lemon Gunner Uniform

Lemon Basic Uniform

Lemon Armoured Forces Uniform

Lemon Archer Uniform

Lemon Air Force Uniform

Lemon Royal Uniform (Not For Sale)

Combat Uniform Shirts Edit

Lemon Multi Terrain Camo

Uniform Pants Edit

Parade Uniform Pants Edit

Lemon Uniform Pants

Combat Uniform Pants Edit

Lemon Multi Terrain Camo

Uniform T-Shirts Edit

Royal Empire Of The Lemons Official Uniform (Only to be worn if user cannot afford/does not own correct uniform for their rank, in which case the wearer of this uniform should be wearing no shirts and no pants that go into the torso. The torso should be colored white.

Lemon Town Clothes

Donation T-Shirts Edit

R.E.O.T.L Donation T-Shirt

Places Edit

Listed on group page Edit

Personal Servers (Listed on group page) Edit

Personal Servers (Listed as Personal Servers) Edit

None yet.

Personal Servers (Listed as Games) Edit

None yet.

Places (Listed on group page) Edit

Places (Listed as Personal servers) Edit

None yet.

Places (Listed as Games) Edit

Lemon Space Station

Lemon Sea

R.E.O.T.L Holo

Lemon Coast

Lemon Mainland Outpost

REOTL Memorial Grounds

RAF Lemon Island

Lemon City

Lemon Lunar Base

Lemon Intergalactic Territory [WIP]

Lemon Island Airport [WIP]

Not listed on group page Edit

Places (Not listed on group page) Edit

None yet

Personal Servers (Not listed on group page) Edit

None yet

Rules of attacking Edit

The rules of attacking REOTL are as follows: Edit

1: You must not exploit, use admin commands (This does not apply to necessary commands run by admins on the place, such as :team or :m, :h, :pm or, in the event of people breaking the rules, :kick or :ban), or use glitches. You should have no outside gear unless otherwise stated.

2: You must attack in this order:

Lemon Intergalactic Territory (Does not apply to groups based within the Milky Way, or non-space-faring groups]

Lemon Lunar Base (Does not apply to groups based on Earth, or non-space-faring groups)

Lemon Space Station (Does not apply to groups based on Earth, or non-space-faring groups)

Lemon Mainland Outpost

Lemon Sea

Lemon Coast

RAF Lemon Island

Lemon Island Airport

Lemon City

3: When using chat, do not use insults that could be inappropriate, such as racism, swearing, or anything of that nature. After all, ROBLOX is a children's game!

4: If you win, do not rub it in the losing teams face (metaphorically speaking). Equally, if you lose, do not run off crying.

Members Edit

(In order of rank-Lowest to highest)

Citizen E.T (Et1100) Lemon Townsfolk [LR]

Citizen Canon (canoncolor) Lemon Townsfolk [LR]

Citizen Lemmings (superLemmingsreal) Lemon Townsfolk [LR]

Corporal Crystal (The_CrystalLord07) Lemon Gunner [MR]

Corporal Pepper (DoctorPepperRules) Lemon Gunner [MR]

Corporal Zandie (ZandieBear) Lemon Armoured Forces [MR]

Corporal Zandie-One (ZandieBear1) Lemon Armoured Forces [MR]

Corporal Dexter (GamingDexter) Lemon Air Force [MR]

Corporal Cool-Ray (coolray01) Lemon Air Force [MR]

Corporal Zombie (TheSecondAgentZombie) Lemon Air Force [MR]

Corporal Humid (HumidMetal) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Nips (NipsMGee) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Hole-Digger (Holedigger10) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Poop (poop200o) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Lemon-Kid (lemonkidgamez) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal ULZII (ULZII) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Destru (destruidorv2) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Teshmix (teshmix66) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Big-Boy (bigboywar2) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Razor (Razorrenz) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Rockstar (rockstar6087) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal The-Pooper (ThePooper316 Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Jake (SJBJake) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Rolo (RoloWarBoy70) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Noob-Killer (xXNoobzKillerXx) Lemon Swordsman [MR]

Corporal Gods (XxGODSxXLOL) Lemon Archer [MR]

Corporal Lydia (Lydia632) Lemon Archer [MR]

Corporal Strawberry (strawberryshazam) Lemon Archer [MR]

Crimson Leader Blazing (BlazingRoyX) Foreign Ambassador [F]

Emperor Connall (Coneezean_Emperor) Foreign Ambassador [F]

Staff Seargent Doha-Tom (dohatom1411) Lemon Barrage Archer [M-HR]

Staff Seargent Assassin (assassin432killer) Lemon Gunnery Seargent [M-HR]

Staff Seargent Alkira (xAlkira) Lemon Driver [M-HR]

Flight Seargent FUT (FUTGAMER28) Lemon Weapon Systems Operator [M-HR]

Marshal of the Lemon Air Force Blackett (blacketts8) Lemon Marshal [V-HR]

Admiral of the Fleet Polski (polskirap3) Lemon Marshal [V-HR]

Field Marshal Motblock (motblock3) Lemon Marshal [V-HR]

Prince Doha-Will (dohawill123) Lemon Royal [S-HR] (First in line to the throne)

King Lemon (LemonBrosGaming) King Of The Lemons [U-HR]

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