History Edit

The Royal Empire of the Lemons saw the need to protect 'The Final Frontier'. To do this, a 4th Force (1st: Army, 2nd: Navy, 3rd: Air Force, 4th: Space Force, 5th: Cyber Force) was created.

Group Link:

Fleets Edit

Galaxy ( Edit

Ship Class Captain
Sovereign [Capital Ship] Battleship LemonBrosGaming
Centurion Destroyer dohawill123
Corvid Destroyer motblock3

Galaxy Arcade ( Edit

Ship Class Captain
Warlock [Capital Ship] Battleship dohawill123
Dire Wolf Battlecruiser LemonBrosGaming
Bastion Battlecruiser motblock3

Elite Dangerous ( Edit

Ship Class Captain
Cobra Mark III [Capital Ship] Small Multi-Role Pengee1235

Kerbal Space Program ( Edit

Ship Class Captain
Lemon [Capital Ship] Titan-Command Milsie Kerman
Queen Bee Dreadnaught-Torpedo Calbrett Kerman

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